5 wedding decoration ideas to make your guests sit up and take notice

When it comes to wedding decoration, even the most fussiest of couples tend to let somebody else’ idea take over the reins. What we think? Bad move. Your wedding has to be all about you and reflect as much about you as possible. Your theme, your wedding decoration should be the stuff of awesome and must have every guest gasping in wonder. Sure there are a million ways to do that, but there are some of our favourites.

Parisan romance

Macaroon towers, french notes, chic decor. What’s not to love in this style of decor that brings out the love for the city of love.


Outdoors indoors

Having a monsoon wedding and that’s killing your dream of having an outdoor wedding? Bring the outdoors inside with this theme. Creepers on the walls, votive candles in nooks and cosy crannies and blooming vines makes for a secret garden kind of a feel.


Yesteryear Bollywood

They had us dreamy eyed and taught us about that magical thing called love. All that impossible wooing and running around themes and eternal love songs. One of your wedding functions can be about reliving that bygone silver screen romance.


Destination anywhere

If having a destination wedding is out of the question, you can bring the destination to you. You can choose your favourite theme and bring it right to your town. Right from Rajasthani to Goan or Kerala to even Greece, you can create just the mood you want at your wedding.


Period wedding

You can’t change the era you were born in. But on your wedding day, you can be a prince and princess. Pick a dynasty or a historical couple and do up your wedding decoration in style. Find inspiration and adapt it accordingly to the decor, the menu, the clothes.. you get the pretty picture!


For many more inspiring decor ideas, you can download the AppilyEver app AppilyEver- All Things Wedding – Android Apps on Google Play and AppilyEver on the App Store



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