5 ways black and white wedding pictures are more evocative

Photos are a big part of your wedding. They will help you relive the magic of those days that went by in too fast a blur. The wedding is going to be exhausting and you’re hardly going to notice the beautiful moments, and so the pictures become all the more important. So why have black and white wedding pictures when you can have colour pictures? We’ll tell you.

They are breathtakingly beautiful.

Black and white pictures transform even the most mundane moments into something exquisite. You can’t always be assured of 100% magical pictures and yet that’s what you want from your wedding. Going BnW is the best way to transform a mediocre picture into something of beauty.


They bring out the moment.

Colours are beautiful. But they distract us from the expressions that mark the fleeting moment that the camera so skilfully captured. Black and white pictures bring out the romance and the magic of that moment.


They are timeless.

Colours and fashions may fade. They will lose their glamour over time. But in black and white, the wedding, the decor and the style remain forever young. There is no ageing there. Ironically, they prevent the memory of your wedding from getting outdated.


Old world charm.

Your mum’s and dad’s wedding pictures are still poetic because they are in black and white. The eyes are more expressive and the aesthetics are very elegant. This lovely quaint feel really warms the cockles of the heart.


You look like a dream.

Yes darling, black and white pictures are very, very flattering. The pictures of the radiant bride and the prince charming groom practically pop with gorgeousness.  And you really want to think that you looked beautiful on your big day, don’t you?


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