Think mandap decoration and traditional & ornate things come to mind. But hey, you don’t have to stick to marigold-boughed affairs if you don’t want to. We have a few ideas up our brocade-clad sleeve for you if you’re looking for interesting mandap ideas.

If concerts can use it, why not you. Right from motifs to a slideshow of pictures, a little use of imagination can help you use your mandap well.



Having an evening function? Transform your mandap into a fairytale setting with fairy lights tucked in the folds of a delightfully sheer fabric.


The Royal influence.

Bring in some bridal regalia with a flavour of the middle east with richer plums and purples, silk cushions and the sweet wafts of spiced incense.



Everyone’s current wedding favourite. The plexiglass idea gives one a sense of floating on water – which is kind of what the state of being in love feels like. Suspended in the air and blissfully disregarding gravity!


Flower streamers.

The flower overkill not for you?. These flower streamers make for a lovely backdrop or as streamers in your mandap decoration design. They kind of give a imagery of flowers that have paused in their fall – a bit of time standing still. The best news?. You don’t need to stick to traditional wedding colours.


Outdoor Mandaps.

Make the elements work hard for you with this wispy mandaps that look like a fantasy setting of flowers and flutter-in-the wind fabric.


 Colour co-ordination.

A little colour co-ordination gives a long sigh of rapturous delight. It’s a aesthetic, no-brainer way of making your wedding colours more relevant.


For many more inspiring decor ideas, you can download the AppilyEver app AppilyEver- All Things Wedding – Android Apps on Google Play and AppilyEver on the App Store



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