Fabulous Ideas For That Dreamy Beach Wedding

White-sand beaches, breath taking views, and majestic sunsets, breezy evenings, no wonder that more brides than ever are going for a destination wedding. Think about it, instead of limiting yourself to one night of celebrating, you can revel in the excitement with your nearest and dearest for an entire weekend! Pack your bags! We’re sharing 8 new ideas for your beach wedding. Think outside the seashell.

Themed Wedding Invitations. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect on your big day. Themed wedding invitations will get guests ready for the beach wedding of the year.

Keep it simple. You can’t beat a backdrop of sparkling turquoise water, so for your wedding ceremony let the ocean do the talking. For your wedding decor, we love a wooden frame draped in soft gauzy fabric that billows in the wind. You can have a colour theme like a Lavender wedding, Coral Infused. Princessy Pink or just the Calm, rustic White wedding.


Light it up. Everything looks better in candlelight and a beach wedding is no exception. Hurricane lanterns and pillar candles will cast your décor in a mesmerizing glow. Also, at the end of the ceremony maybe have a sky lantern releasing where everyone releases a sky lantern into the night sky. Here is a link for Wedding Laterns – Decor Ideas


Let them lounge. Beach weddings can have little lounges set up and completely transform the reception from ordinary to fabulous. A lounge creates an intimate space where the guests can relax, drink, dine and mingle into the early morning hours.


Shoe station. NO HEELS at the beach. Sand and high heels just don’t mix. Set up a shoe station where guests can kick off their shoes and feel the sand between their toes.


Sunny Favors – Sunglasses can be used by the guest’s at your wedding ceremony and on future vacations to come!


Give Nice Gifts. Give your guests something to remember the weekend by even after the sun has set on your celebration and the tans are faded and gone. Trinkets are sure to remind them of the beachy affair.

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