Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Last Time we told you about the Top Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad. This time let’s explore the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai ❤ Here is a specially curated list just for you.

The 7 Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai

1. Franklin Marian Photography

The people, the clothes, the ceremonies and celebrations, the flowers, the food, the beautiful settings, all come together to present a once in a lifetime event that most want to capture in order to look back and  enjoy throughout their lives.  Franklin Marian photography aims at helping you relive those moments through a wonderfully artistic set of images.

2. Brim Company Photography

They are a team of photographers who love their job. They think that weddings are real-life enactments of a Karan Johar movie. There is love, happiness, tears, joy, choreographed dance routines, costume changes, and perfect makeup. They don’t just flash the camera, they save the moments.

“We’ve never seen more emotions concentrated in one place – the glass is filled to the brim” says the talented team.

3. Aa Photography

They share a unique camaraderie with each couple and their families, which help bring the best of their emotions. They ensure and understand your requirements completely and deliver what you wished for, and more than that. Candid Photography and Pre-Wedding Shoots are their forte.

From traditional weddings to trendy, temple weddings to destination, and many others, they love being a part of all, and flash the best moments of your life that can be relieved after ages.

4. Picture Makers

Celebrating Happiness is all they do! One cohesive unit that share their common passion to travel, experiment and have fun beyond anything. Their love for capturing weddings transcends beyond photography and filming and they give you an everlasting memory of your most celebratory moments. The team strongly believe, the easiest way to get a great picture is to make the couple feel at home and forget you’re even there.

5. Moonstruck Weddings

What happens when a celebrity and fashion photographer sets his eyes on the wedding photography business? The brides and grooms take centre stage where celebrity models belong, and why not? After all there is no one more important on the wedding day than the couple tying the knot! Leading celebrity photographer Karthik Srinivasan has set his sights on providing quality wedding imaging services through his latest venture.
The name Karthik Srinivasan has become synonymous with high-end celebrity shoots over the last decade. Having started out his career as a model himself, Karthik can now be seen behind the camera shooting.

6. The Wedding Bunch

The Wedding Bunch as a team believe that no two weddings are the same especially Indian weddings, they understand the uniqueness of each wedding and document the important moments, the emotions, the excitement, the drama and the characteristics of each wedding. They provide to the couple and to the family, a unique product that will bring them back to the wonderful day over and over again.

7. Mystic Studios

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. Beauty lies in that magical space between them where imagination meets with the memories. Welcome to Mystic studios, the place for photography beyond perceptions. At Mystic, we capture the grandness of life in your special moments with our contemporary signature clicks that speak for themselves. All we need is your smile. Rest assured- is poetry in making to preserve your memories with love, now and forever. CLICK!

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