AppilyEver – Wedding App



A wedding is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So that 1% better be real good and work real hard. That’s what we’re here for – so that you don’t have to looking too far for inspiration

AppilyEver – All Things Wedding opens up a world of inspirations for the soon-to-be married. Right from attire to decor, jewellery to the favours and photography to destination venues, AppilyEver brings together ideas and the best way to make them happen – right at your fingertips.

1. Find Inspirations from all over the world
2. Find vendors to make those ideas a reality
3. Curate your own set of ideas and inspire others
4. Share ideas and contribute towards the colourful world of wedding planning
5. Get suggestions on how to make your wedding truly magical

AppilyEver is an attempt towards simplifying the pre-wedding process. It brings together vendors, customers and the magic of weddings in one place – creating a sort of wedding bazaar, where people can browse to their heart’s content.

As a couple, you can find treasures through the AppilyEver app. If you like something and would like to have it at your wedding, you can get in touch with the vendor directly with the app.

As a wedding enthusiast, you can keep track of all the trends in the wedding scene with the app.

As a vendor, you can add your special services and find a faithful following, who might one day become a customer.

By bringing together all these elements, we seek to make the wedding scene more interactive, more vibrant, more richer and more engaging.



For many more wedding inspirations and ideas, you can download the AppilyEver app AppilyEver- All Things Wedding – Android Apps on Google Play and AppilyEver on the App Store


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