Significance of Mehndi Ceremony In Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are generally known as a synonym for the festival. The pre and post wedding rituals make it rich, grand and out of the world. The whole family and near & dear ones gather for the special occasion which often turn out to be the biggest family get together of the year.

What makes Indian weddings special? It is the grand designer wedding dresses, delicious food, colourful events and undeniably the week long, varied ceremonies. The Mehndi ceremony (generally known as the ‘Mehndi ki raat’) is an important part of a typical Indian wedding. The ritual symbolizes the beautiful colors that are going to be part of the bride’s life.

During the ceremony the dazzling bride-to-be adorns her hands and leg

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s with spectacular designs made out of henna. According to the traditions, even the groom applies Mehndi on his hands and feet. Not only the bride and groom, but the entire family joins them in this function.

As per the tradition, it is believed that applying a good amount of henna on a special day brings good omen. There is common belief that if the bride’s Mehndi becomes darker in color oh her hands; she will be loved more by her would-be-husband.

Apart from the belief and tradition, Mehndi has a lot of medicinal value as well. Weddings are usually famous for stress and anxiety especially for the bride and the groom. Henna being a cooling agent works as a magical herb which can decrease the body stress. This is the reason it is majorly applied on hands and feet. Other than this it also has an antiseptic quality which keeps the bride and groom away from viral diseases. Such diseases are something that is definitely undesirable for both the bride and groom. It even improves the blood circulation our body.

The Mehndi that is applied on the couple is not only paste of henna, but is also a mix of eucalyptus oil, drops of clove oil and a few drops of lemon juice which makes it more medicinal. Also, these ingredients help in giving the Mehndi a thicker color too.

There are many talented Mehndi artists in town these days. And design patterns have also evolved a lot in the course of time matching the contemporary style. So make sure to contact the best one in the business for designing your special day Mehndi.


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