Destination weddings?

Wedding is considered to be one among the most cherished events in one’s life. People wed in various styles and manners. Some celebrate it royally, where some keep very private. Destination weddings were not that popular in India until the recent times. Western influence and the global digital media planted the seeds of exotic destination weddings in our land too.

 The unexpected benefits of a destination wedding

A destination wedding would allow you to have a ‘once in lifetime experience’ during your marriage. It would be unique and memorable as the surroundings would add more magnificence to the wedding. It would be the best time for a reunion with your dear ones’. Since the location would be far, the number of guests may be lesser than a hometown wedding. Moreover, you will get enough time to spend with your people in a splendid location. Destination weddings may sound costlier but in reality it would be a cost effective event as the number of invitees would be less. And most importantly, you can have outstanding photos of your wedding in a spectacular place.

Difficulties of having a destination wedding

How much ever grand and fabulous your destination wedding is, it comes with difficulties as well. The main issue would be nothing but logistics. To be more precise, wedding planners will have a tough time building your dream wedding. The lack of support in some scenic areas would affect thing negatively as you require many facilities to make the wedding look fantastic. Moreover, permission to organise such events in some places becomes difficult. Unpredictable weather may also play the villain in your life event.

Do’s and Don’ts of destination weddings

Do’s: – Choose a location that is easy and convenient with every support system. This will help your wedding planners to organize everything with ease and guests to enjoy the wedding hassle free. Always take the help of a planner as you may end up being in trouble with your entire event. Make the travel arrangements early to avoid last minute chaos.

Don’ts: – Do not invite everyone you know, be selective about your guests. Try not to spend more on flowers because your location would be incredible which does not need much of a floral decoration. Wear wedding attire suiting to the weather of your favourite location.

It would be awesome to have a destination wedding during a sunset as it would add more color and splendour to your wedding.

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